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Written 2003/2004, recorded 2004.12.03 at the VOSDesign Warehouse, Overland Park, Kansas. Released in a limited capacity on the live album A Good Door Needs No Lock in early 2005. This song went through many phases and versions. Its roots lie in "I Will Be", another version appeared on The Search for Satori, and it later evolved into "Die Suche" on Post Rock Country.


Not long ago I had a dream
In which I was atop a mountain
I stared at the sun and laughed in its face
Just to spite the stars, to spite everyone
I stood at the cliff all day long
I looked at my feet and the sky above
I saw the moon and the stars far away
Everything lost its form, everything lost its shape

I could feel love, I could feel hate
I could understand almost everything
I swam in the sea and I felt so free
Suddenly it went black and I awoke from that dream

I've been searching for a god
I've been searching for some truth
I've been searching for a place
Where I can go and feel safe
I've been searching for my faith
I've been searching for my life
I've been searching for the answers
To the questions I haven't asked

I want to travel to the ends of the earth
I want to walk beneath the waves
I want to feel what it's like to die
I want to know what happens next
I want to end all the hate
I want to right all the wrongs
I want to fix every mistake
I want to change everything


from More of the Rest: Early Recordings, released July 31, 2015




The Nowhere Man St. Louis, Missouri

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