The Hundred Answers

from The Best of the Rest, Version 6 by The Nowhere Man

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Written 2007/2010, recorded 2011. On the streets of Frankfurt, a religious organization accosted me and demanded, "Was ist der Sinn des Lebens?" ("What is the meaning of life?").


What is the answer?
What is the point?
Where are we going?
What is the meaning?
We've got the answers
We know what's to come
Now listen here to us
We know everything

And if you stare me in the eye
And tell me what to believe
Well, you really think I'll change overnight?

Why don't you believe?
Why would you turn away?
What is your motive?
Where are you going to turn?
We have all the answers
We know how it works
We've figured it all out
We've been everywhere

And when you stop me on the street
And tell me what to believe
Well, do you think you can change my mind?

I don't have the answers
And I probably never will
But I don't think it matters
Believe in what you want to
And let others do the same

It's just another point of view
We all have our own paths
Can you really claim to know mine?
Please just let me be
You don't know everything

I don't need your system
I have chosen my own
I just want to live my own life
Does that make me evil?
Am I really damned for eternity?


from The Best of the Rest, Version 6, released July 31, 2015




The Nowhere Man St. Louis, Missouri

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