Running in the Darkness

from Post Rock Country by The Nowhere Man

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The last of the bunch to be written, and anyway written in a rush (naturally).


You think I'd learn sooner or later
Expect the unexpected or something like that
Every time you push it never works out
But if you let it fall on it own into place
Suddenly you'll find yourself in a far better place

It's too damn easy, too easy to write love songs
And when you look at what you made, it's like love itself
It comes in a rush and leaves you in a daze
It's all been said before, even you're repeating yourself

And somehow I've been transported to another world
A place I'd thought was so far away from here
As it turns out it was nearer than I'd thought
Just waiting for the right moment to occur

I know I'm treading on dangerous water
And I'm scared 'cause I've been near here once before
And after all the joy and pain I went through
How can I make sure it works out in the end?

I sit here captive, even when you're not around
My thoughts can wander, and they'll wander to you
Our days our numbered and yet I don't seem to care
Could I just stay here and enjoy the afterglow?

One day you'll wake up and realize it's all a dream
Too good to be true, who would want to wake up?
But for now it is there and it won't go away
So just take a hold and let it go where it may

Stay on the bright side, that should be easy for you and
Now that it's here you should make the most of it
Wander through the darkness and lose yourself everywhere
Run around like a madman, that's what life's for


from Post Rock Country, released July 6, 2009




The Nowhere Man St. Louis, Missouri

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