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Once upon a time I tried to do too many things at the same time and the result was sleep deprivation and mood swings. This song feels more negative than how I actually remember the days, though. The music is actually borrowed from another song of mine that I gave up on.


Wild mood swings assault me again
I feel up, I feel down, I'm all around
Another day feeling helpless again
Running in circles, back to the start
Trapped in a loop of endless repeat
A wasted morning and a beautiful evening
A sleepless night and a stressful new day
It all comes back like déjà vu

Stuck here but waiting for something to change
Optimistic, pessimistic, and all in between
Hoping for a break from these unceasing days
Wondering will life ever be normal again

When did these days get so dark?
Whenever will spring finally come?
I cannot escape these such strange, strange days
I cannot handle this heavy weight
I'm high as a kite until thunder strikes me down
Floating by, just waiting for the storm to come
I know this cannot last here forever
But the end seems nowhere in sight

I cannot escape from these strange endless days
I cannot handle what I have done to myself
Life's become a psychological nightmare by day
Wild mood swings have taken over my life


from There and Back Again, released September 3, 2008



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