Home Is Where the Heart Is

from There and Back Again by The Nowhere Man

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Somehow this didn't turn out quite like I intended. This is actually my second song with this title, and this one is still better than the other one.


Yes, I am home, home at long last
As best as this is now my home
I am scattered here, there, and everywhere, yet
They say that home is where the heart is

But then confusion strikes -
What if the heart is split in two
Or three or more, or just isn't sure at all?

I deny that birth implies home,
But I must admit a degree of comfort there
It's what I know, it's where I grew
But I must ask what's left for me there...

But what about another place?
The other side of the world?
So called "foreign" here,
But maybe it's there I belong

On the other side of the world
I could write a song about every last thing
It's hard to lead a double life, my mind in two places
And nostalgia will lead me away

I'm caught somewhere between
This world and that
I'm living a double life
Of two irreconcilable halves
I love the life I've found on the other side of the world
But I miss what I'd grown in the old
When I think about where I belong
I have no answer to where I call home
All that I know is that I'm caught in between
I don't have a final destination

Man sagt, das Heim ist wo das Herz ist
Aber mein Herz liegt hier, da, und überall
Ja, ich weiß nicht, wo ich gehören
Ich bin zwischen diese Welt und die andere

So wo soll ich gehen
Wenn ich gar nicht weiß,
Wo ich wirklich gehören?
Mein Herz ist verwirrt

Translation of final verse and chorus:

People say that home is where the heart is
But my heart lies here, there, and everywhere
Yeah, I don't know where I belong
I am caught between this world and the other

So where should I go
If I have no idea at all
Where I really belong?
My heart is confused


from There and Back Again, released September 3, 2008




The Nowhere Man St. Louis, Missouri

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