More of the Rest: Early Recordings

by The Nowhere Man

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Welcome to America, land of the free Get rich and buy anything you see We won't hurt you, we won't oppress you We'll just round you up for no reason at all You just want a simple life in the land of free? That's no problem, if your skin's the right color But if we suspect you of what you'd never do We are quite prepared to take all your rights away Now get up and sell all you own Report to us quick so we can put you away Forget you're a citizen, forget you're human Just 'cause how you look, you've been damned to this fate If it wasn't enough, we have built ourselves a bomb Just to show you up we'll drop it on your native land Incinerate them all, just because we can No one can stop us 'cause we're the land of the free Just don't forget we've built ourselves a bomb We think we know how to use it right Round them all up just like animals That's how it is in our land of the free
I Will Be 05:08
High, I want to be high High atop a mountain I want to stare at the sun And laugh in its face I'll wait for the moon Just to spite all the stars Just to spite everyone I'll stand at the cliff all day, all day long I'll look at my feet and I know what I'll see I'll see the moon, I'll see Mercury It'll all be upside down, it'll be oh so pure And I'll dream and I'll scream And I'll be everything I ever wanted I'll be me, I'll be you, I'll be a little bit of everything I'll taste like dust, I'll look like a tree I'll be everything and so much more I'll have it all, I'll be it all I'll never look back I'll swim in the sea and I'll be so free I'll be everything and so much more
I walk the streets while the rain falls The sky is dark and the buildings empty Demons haunt my mind, I can't remember anything The clouds above hide the truth from my eyes I wish I could have all the answers I wish I could know what's real I wish the sky wouldn't get dark so early I wish you could be here with me Under these clouds I dream of my death Under the moon I dream of it all When the sun breaks it'll all be over Lost inside the mysteries of the mind To love and to lose To know and forget To have and to break To act on something you don't understand You don't understand...
Would you please tell me which way is up? I think I've forgotten, I think I never knew I'm not asking for too much My desires are quite plain And now I know why everything I write sounds the same I think I'm lost but I never want to find my way again Get on and take a ride Fly on these lonely wings Take a flight over vast oceans Fly away to nowhere It's so easy to get caught up To make the same mistakes and never learn Never understand what went wrong Crawl on the ground and sink into mud Follow a path or wander aimlessly Alone yet in company Just how it always is You know your friends Or you thought you did Go away and come back to find Nothing's quite the same anymore People change, you can't deny They always says to keep on going Just tell me what you think you'll find at the end
You had grown so old, we were such good friends You served me so well, you never let me down You weren't perfect, but no one is You didn't have it all, but nobody does You had your flaws, but you weren't alone You had your scars, but you weren't the only one I learned so much with you You knew how I felt, you always heard me We did not share a common thirst But we shared so much more And I had to end it, I had to look too far back I destroyed what had been built No apology can ever make it up I can't believe - what have I done? Everything was fine till I came and screwed it (all) up Please forgive all the mistakes I've made And I had to end it I had to look too far back I destroyed what had been built No apology can ever make it up I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I'm so sorry to you all I look back and I can't believe How'd I live like that, be so foolish? I became the thing I hate Who has the power to forgive me? All alone, staring at the distance I lost myself, forgot what I was doing Reawoke to curse myself Curse the sky and curse the thought Of all my hypocrisy
Ruby Eternal 05:20
You have become such a part of me You and your friends, I never would have thought That you would mean so much to me I didn't really know you I didn't realize just what you could be Somehow we met and we seemed to match Just how we'll never ever know You fill my lonely days and lonely nights This is not just some plastic passion You inspire me, you help me keep on going I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you In you I've found an exit When I thought that there were none I've found a new escape, much better than before The answer to all my fears I think of me and who I used to be I've changed so much or was it everything else? We don't know what's real, we don't know what's true We don't know anything at all
Looking out the window At an old oak tree I see the cars below And the church across the street There are some times like these When I miss those old days Thunder strike and knock me down I don't want to go through this again I'm so very scared But I just can't help it What can I do? I can't help the way I feel Back then I never understood Anything about life What could I do but Coolly accept what came my way? What if nothing changed in eight years? Everything feels different now Could it possibly turn out the same If I had to do it again? Some days nothing ever seems right Thunder strike and knock me down I don't want to go through those days again Some days nothing ever seems right
My world is my world And it's not quite yours I've always wondered What the difference is Was there once a time That they were the same? Can I ever know Or understand you? We are so similar But there are certain things I must say, we can Never reconcile I can try to change But I never really can I am stuck right here So far from you I can try or pretend But it's just not the same We're all lost In a world split in half I want to comprehend What must be impossible I can never win Oh, what's the difference? My world is my world And it's not quite yours I've always wondered What's the difference?
Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? It's too hard to think with rivers flowing All these things lie within my mind
Nadir 04:31
We're a perfect square We're a gang of four Encompassed by another land The sun far from the nadir It's an old run-down place With a new renovated soul We're a perfect square We're a gang of four And who knows just what Has brought us together A future just waiting For time to catch up Yes, we're a perfect square We're a gang of four Our eyes are on the future Our minds are on the present We took too long And we're the last to return We're a perfect square We're a gang of four We're condensed like milk A compressed rebellion A pretty girl, an old friend A great acquaintance We're a perfect square We're a gang of four We'll fight the world From this place right here So crisp, so smart A future in the East We're a perfect square We're a gang of four
Not long ago I had a dream In which I was atop a mountain I stared at the sun and laughed in its face Just to spite the stars, to spite everyone I stood at the cliff all day long I looked at my feet and the sky above I saw the moon and the stars far away Everything lost its form, everything lost its shape I could feel love, I could feel hate I could understand almost everything I swam in the sea and I felt so free Suddenly it went black and I awoke from that dream I've been searching for a god I've been searching for some truth I've been searching for a place Where I can go and feel safe I've been searching for my faith I've been searching for my life I've been searching for the answers To the questions I haven't asked I want to travel to the ends of the earth I want to walk beneath the waves I want to feel what it's like to die I want to know what happens next I want to end all the hate I want to right all the wrongs I want to fix every mistake I want to change everything


This is a collection of recordings produced long before the first Nowhere Man album. I was very much still learning what I was doing, and the quality reflects that. Nonetheless, I still value the songs and the spirit. Many of these were distributed among and performed live for friends and classmates under the moniker Folkor. Tracks 2, 5, and 11 were regrettably only archived in lossy quality.


released July 31, 2015

Written by Patrick Vacek, November 2003 – March 2005.
All instruments and vocals performed by Patrick Vacek.
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Vacek at the Vacek Family Studio, November 2003 – March 2005, except as noted.
Remastered by Patrick Vacek in Austin, Texas, July 2015.

Thanks to Alyssa, my family, Josh, Julius, Gavin, Hanna, Chris Shaw, VOSDesign, Taylor, Rebecca, David, Eric, Patrick, and everyone else who positively influenced the creation of this music.

Cover photography by Patrick Vacek, Meredith Vacek, Kathryn Vacek, Brad Sanders, and Lori Eberhardy. This montage was originally used as the basis for the cover of A Good Door Needs No Lock, a limited-release live album from 2005.




The Nowhere Man St. Louis, Missouri

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