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by The Nowhere Man

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An evolving space for otherwise forgotten/forgettable archival material (the first four tracks) and works in progress (the rest). Listen at your own risk. Most are only available in lossy quality.


released July 31, 2015

Written by Patrick Vacek, November 2003 – present, except track 3 lyrics by Niza Volair and Patrick Vacek.
All instruments and vocals performed by Patrick Vacek.
Recorded at a variety of home studios, November 2003 – present.
Remastered, if you can call it that, by Patrick Vacek in Austin, Texas, July 2015.

Cover photography by Patrick Vacek, Hannover, Germany, October 2009. This image was originally used as the basis for the cover of A Double Life Outtakes, a compilation of sundry leftover material released in 2011.




The Nowhere Man Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Inspector 17
I am you as you are me
You are the means by which I can express
You are my voice, my instrument
Who would have thought
Our affection could run so deep?
I hardly knew you
I saw you as something distant
And finally I met one of your kind
It was hard and likely frustrating
I met your brother, adopted by my father
I pressed on, as indomitable as I could be
And then there was you
We met false drugs and cerebral radios
And we gradually conquered
The broken vined vegetables
And they have never left us
I'm familiar with your cousins
Even some of the distant ones
And I love them too
But you – I won't ever let you go
We met the insects that can't spell together
We hungrily devour all that we find
In you I find my escape
The escape from the harshness of reality
I'm glad to have found you when I did
Track Name: Halibut [Demo]
Kitty is a boy, maybe three pounds worth
Cute, gray tabby with white hazel eyes
Blue fingernail polished claws
Captured in the underbelly of a dirty, green Lincoln
Halibut likes to lay in a baby sling
While I walk Ms. Spot
Will eventually be scooter trained
Maybe with a pretty little helmet

Also... happy birthday, I found us a kitty

Traveling through the fabric of space-time magic
I'm trying to understand what can't be understood
Like an orchid express or a river made of ice
Like all the stupid things from my long-forgotten life
In another world, in the abstract heavens
I look back on the middle of an old empire
What do I see, but two friends and me
Sitting in some room with a shattered-glass head

Kitty is a reincarnated angel
Sent here to save us from the falling sky
Posing as a feline, he'll guide us on our way
Through folly and vice and our great ambition
Resurrect the past to start things anew
Leave the old behind and hope for the best
This cat may just lay under our embracing gaze
But when he looks back, he knows what is to come
Track Name: I'm Not Your Man [Demo]
I won't be your man, that's not what I am
Don't call me your man, that ain't who I am
If you think that's what I am
Let me tell you, you've got it all wrong

I won't play that game, I won't do it that way
I don't play the game, I think the rules are insane
If you think that's why I'm here
Let me tell you, I won't be taking part

Don't call me your baby
Can't you see that's quite an insult?
And I'll make the same promise
I think we'll both be better for it

I'm not going to sing about the way you talk
I'm not going to write about the way you walk
If you really want to hear 'bout that
I think we both know that's been written before

If you want to hear about that shit
Go turn on the radio
If that's all you want to hear
I think you'd better go find someone else
Track Name: The Other Side [Demo]
Last night I faked myself
I went online to play a game
Just to see what it's like
On the other side
I signed up and I logged in
Used a picture of a female friend
Just to see what it's like
On the other side
On the other side

I had thought it must be easy
I thought girls had all the luck
Until I learned what it's like
On the other side
Men were writing immediately
It seemed as good as it could be
Until I learned what it's like
On the other side
On the other side

So I said hello
And we began to talk
And before I knew what
Everything turned sexual
And they kept coming
More and more of them
Even the "nice guys"
Everything turned suddenly aggressively sexual
Before I even knew what to say

I'd be lying if I tried to say
That it didn't get to me
Now I've seen what it might be like
On the other side
I had thought it might be fun
But I didn't even last a few hours
Now I've seen what it might be like
On the other side
On the other side
Track Name: The Oyster Injustice Is Us [Demo]
The Oyster Injustice was a little war
Fought between fishers of two Eastern states
The Maryland bankers were kind in a pinch
While the folks in Virginia were caught in a bind
When they took revenge for boats sold at loss
Civil war soldiers remembered the fire

The Oyster Injustice was a little fib
Made up by friends at the end of the day
An article they wrote with sources and all
For they were well bred in academic norms
A few hundred words and a couple fake links
And there the hoax sat for over a year

The Oyster Injustice is just an example
Of what one can do on the internet
If language is good and sources look right
Who would doubt what someone has shared?
Facts are just what somebody says
And truth is just some vague idea

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